The Kratky Method of Hydroponics has been hailed by many as revolutionary, and yet it is a marvel in its simplicity.  This method of hydroponics was developed by B.A. Kratky while at the University of Hawaii.  His method is contradictory to traditional hydroponics theory on several levels.  First, there is no active water movement, the water remains stagnant. Second, it does not utilize aeration pumps and stones. Third, it does not require the exchange of nutrient solution over time.  It is perhaps the simplest of hydroponics systems.

What is it good for?

The Kratky method is best suited for leafy greens such as lettuce.  To our knowledge It has yet to be proven to work with larger fruiting plants.

It is hard to imagine, but it actually works!

How does it work?

The process starts with the plant’s roots submerged in the nutrient solution within a bucket or other container. Here we start with seedling plants.

The miracle of this system is that as the plant begins to grow, it absorbs more and more of the water, and the roots above the lowering water line become aerial roots capable of absorbing oxygen from the airspace between the lid of the bucket and the water line.

Not only is there no need for pumps or airstone, there is also no need for pH adjustments, no need to top off the nutrient mixture.

By the time the water has been almost completely absorbed the plant is grown to full size and is ready to be harvested.


This method contradicts most of what we’ve learned over the years, but it works and we’ll be implementing it here soon! Stay tuned for updates.

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