MEIZHI Grow Light Review – Reflector-Series 450W 

With the popularity of hydroponics on the rise, indoor gardeners are searching for quality grow lights more than ever before. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to know which lights live up to their claims and if the more expensive grow lights are really superior to some of the less expensive models. In order to answer these questions, we are reviewing some of the top-selling LED grow lights on the market today. In this article, we will discuss the budget-friendly MEIZHI Reflector-Series 450W Full Spectrum LED grow light (also known as the MEIZHI LED grow light model “R450W”).  With that said, here is our Meihzi grow light review. 

Meihzi LED Grow Light – 450W Reflector Series

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Image result for green checkmark  Epistar 5w diodes + reflector panel
Image result for green checkmark  Selectable VEG/FLOWER switches for all phases of growth
Image result for green checkmark  Professional spectrum (w/ IR) ensures high yields
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Image result for red x mark  Made in China – quality isn’t on par w/ higher priced lights
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Benefits of LED Grow Lights

As we have shown in our Best LED Grow Lights article, LED has many key advantages over HID, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), and fluorescent lighting. For one, LEDs emits far less heat than the alternatives. Other advantages of LED lighting includes its energy efficiency (less expensive to operate), longer lifespan, and its ability to give off targeted wavelengths for better light absorption.

Meizhi 450W LED Grow Light Overview

MEIZHI’s Reflector-Series 450W is a full spectrum LED grow light designed for indoor hydroponics applications. The first thing most people will notice about this light is how compact and solid it is. The light measures 15.8” x 8.3” x 2.8” and its weight clocks in around 6 lbs.  As far as attributes, MEIZHI has constructed a powerful and efficient light that has very low power consumption and heat output.  

This grow light is suitable for all types of hydroponic and soil-grown plants,  including herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers, and marijuana. It has a great combination of power, efficiency, high-quality components, and low cost. As such, the MEIZHI R450W is top-selling grow light in the budget category.


Led Brand: Epistar
Spectrum: 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white
Lumen: 11595Lm ±5%@AC110V 11632Lm ±5%@AC220V
Par Value: 779 umol
Frequency: 50-60 HZ
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Amp: 1.781A@AC110V 0.9042A@AC220V

Package includes:

Image result for check mark green 1 MEIZHI Reflector 450W LED Grow Light
Image result for check mark green 1 Free Power Cord
Image result for check mark green 1 Free Hanging Kits

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Full Spectrum LED Technology

The MEIZHI 450w LED grow light adapts to the optimal full spectrum at every stage of growth – from the seedling to flowering to the harvest stage. It has the ability to reach the precise light intensity and wavelength a plant needs to thrive. This strength will maximize the economic efficiency of each grow and the quality of crops that are produced.

The R450W comes equipped with 90 high-quality 5W Epistar LEDs. Since plants need roughly 380 to 780nm (nanometers) for photosynthesis to convert light energy into chemical energy (for proper growth and blooming), its important that a grow light is capable of providing this optimal spectrum range. MEIZHI R450W’s  full spectrum array includes blue lights (450-475 nm) to boost cell proliferation to increase strength and vegetation, red lights (650-660nm) to improve cell division and blooming and fruiting,  white lights (550-6500K) to accelerate photosynthesis, and 3 infrared (730nm)  to improve yields (and increase THC). This range is exactly what you want in a grow light. 

MEIZHI’s 450W LED grow light is a suitable replacement for a 450W High-Pressure Sodium (HID) or Metal Halide (HD) grow light. With an ETL certification of 50000-100000 hours, this grow light has proven its capable of longevity. 

Reflector Design on MEIZHI LED Grow Lights

Some grow lights incorporate reflector lens to help focus light beams downward.  MEIZHI has recently upgraded its grow light series by incorporating a compact 120° reflector panel into each light. By surrounding the LED diodes with reflectors, the light beams are able to penetrate plants more effectively by concentrating light and projecting it directly onto the plants. As a result of this concentrated light, the grower is able to maximize the light output and increase overall efficiency.  

Veg/Flower Switches on the MEIZHI Grow Light

MEIZHI 450W LED grow lights come equipped with dual switches – one button for the vegetation cycle and one for the flowering cycle. The switches can be freely turn on and off to adjust the appropriate spectrum during the seedling, blooming, and harvesting stages of the grow.  By configuring the grow light to its optimal lighting, plants will grow more efficiently and you will use less energy in the process. The veg/bloom switches are located on the side area of the grow light.

Built-In Cooling System

One of the benefits of modern LED lighting is their ability to dissipate heat in an efficient manner. With the superior built-in cooling system, overheating is not a concern with MEIZHI’s Reflector-Series 450W LED grow light. The 2-speed cooling fans transmit the heat away from the LEDs through its heavy-duty vents and powerful built-in heat sinks. Plants will not be subject to heating issues which often plagues non-LED technology. 

MEIZHI states that this light operates at a noise level 53dB, which means that there will be some associated noise – but not enough to be a nuance.

Energy Saving

This 450 watt led grow light consumes only 195W (±10%) @ AC110V while comfortably replacing a traditional 450W HPS grow light. The reflector design gives plants 100% usable light which in turn allows for the max amount of photosynthesis.

The MEIZHI R450W grow light is ideal for a 2’ x 3.5’ growing area (kept at 18” height). For best results, consider using a grow tent (or grow cabinet) with hanging light bar.

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PAR Value of the MEIZHI R450W

A good way to judge the capability of an LED grow light is to measure its photosynthetically active radiation (aka, PAR). PAR is not so much a measurement of light, but more of a way to describe the type of light which is usable to plants (to absorb for photosynthesis).  A PAR reading over 600umol (micro mols) is what most growers look for in a quality grow light.

The stated PAR value of the MEIZHI R450W is 779umol, a very respectable reading. Even more impressive is a reading this strong for an inexpensive LED grow light such as this.

Daisy Chain Functionality

The MEIZHI grow light panel is designed with daisy-chain functionality. If your grow area is more than a few square feet, this light allows you to easily link more MEIZHI grow lights together to increase the coverage area. Daisy chain functionality also allows all linked-up lights to use the same (1) timer. 

MEIZHI Grow Light Warranty

30 DayThe light can be returned or replaced within a 30-day period.  

3 Months: MEIZHI’s 3-month warranty includes free components, repairs, and service.

1 Year: A 1-year warranty is included to cover free components. However, repair fees are not included after the 3-month period.

MEIZHI’s service center is located in California.

Growing Tips 

Recommended Height:

During Germination – 24-30 inches

During Vegetation – 18-24 inches

During Flowering – 12-18 inches

Recommended Light Hours Per Day:

Vegetative Stage: 18-20 hours on/4-6 hours off

Flowering Stage: 12 hours on/12 hours off

Recommended Growing Conditions:

The rate of photosynthesis and transpiration is directly influenced by temperature, humidity, and airflow. .The ideal temperature and humidity for your plants are somewhere between 75°-85°F with 50% – 70% humidity. Provide plenty of airflow to the grow area to replenish CO2. See our marijuana growing supplies for fans and other equipment. 

Other Tips:

  1. Avoid leaf burn by keeping a suitable distance between the grow light and tops of your plants.
  2. Operate the light under a regulated and stable voltage
  3. MEIZHI grow lights are intended for indoor use only. They are not weather-proof.
  4. Avoid contact with sulfur.
  5. If the fans are not running, do not use the light.

MEIZHI Grow Light Review: The Bottom Line

The 450W MEIZHI grow light is very easy to operate and works right out the box.  All you need to do is plug it in and turn on, so its a great light for beginners.    It has a durable, heavy-duty structure,  two cooling fans, and heat sinks, and veg/flower switches to optimism your grow. As far a power, the Epistar LEDs are extremely bright and the reflector lens keeps the light focuses on plants.  This grow light has an excellent PAR rating (779 umols) for a light of this size.

Other benefits include low power consumption (energy efficiency) and a long lifespan (50,000-100,000 hrs). While the coverage area is fairly small (3.5′ x 2′), there is daisy chain functionality for adding more lights to increase your coverage area. And while similar lights can have much high price tags, the cost of the MEIZHI  Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light is very affordable. Definitely, one to consider!

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