Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout LED Review

Nothing beats the taste of freshly-grown herbs and vegetables. They are even better when you grow them yourself and savor the fruits of your labor. However, not everyone has the time to grow their own produce or the land to start a garden. Even if you do, crop yield is limited by the seasons, climate, and whims of Mother Nature. Indoor growing solves this problem, but many gardeners don’t have adequate space or equipment to start growing inside their homes.  So is there an easy solution?  The answer is “yes,” in the form of a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden. And if space is a major consideration, the AeroGarden Sprout LED may be just model you are looking for. Let’s review the benefits of the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden, and then detail everything you need to know about the 3-pod AeroGarden Sprout LED. 

Benefits of an AeroGarden

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden is a great introduction to the world of soil-less, hydroponic gardening. This model – the AeroGarden Sprout LED –  is especially great for beginners because it is inexpensive and extremely easy to set up and operate. Like all hydroponics gardening, the AeroGarden attracts much fewer pests like insects and bugs – if any at all – vs. traditional soil gardening.

With an AeroGarden, the grower is in total control: you choose what to grow and how to grow it. AeroGardens have the ability to grow nearly any crop and – thanks to the control panel and automated features – you decide all aspects of your grow.  

AeroGardens are highly efficient.  They have a small footprint (don’t take up much space), use very little electricity and water to operate, require minimal cleaning and overseeing of the grow, and each kit comes with all the components you need to get started. This includes a reservoir, reservoir lid, pump, grow light, seed pod kit (seeds, grow media, grow baskets, and humidity domes, and nutrients), and all the fittings and fixtures you will need to just plug it in and grow.

Another notable benefit of the AeroGarden is its ability to produce crops throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather patterns. Hydroponics allows for rapid growth, meaning that within weeks of planting your first crop, you can harvest the produce and then immediately begin an entirely new crop –   without any downtime at all. Crops grow 5 times faster with an AeroGarden versus plants grown with high-quality soil mixes. With the AeroGarden, crops yields can be amazing for such little machines.

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What is the AeroGarden Sprout LED?

The AeroGarden Sprout LED is a compact indoor hydroponic system which can grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers, and more. This machine allows you to grow crops indoors and all year-round in the convenience of your home.  Like other AeroGarden models, plants are cultivated with water, fertilizer, and air -no soil is used at all. As a result, plants grow 5 times faster than those grown in a soil mix.

What differentiates the Sprout LED is its size – its one of the smallest model manufactured by AeroGrow International.  Despite its small footprint and slim profile, it still allows you to cultivate up to 3 plants at a time.  Let’s review the benefits of the AeroGarden and why the Sprout LED is a great grow system for beginners and home growers who want a system which won’t take up much space in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

What is Included with the AeroGarden Sprout LED?

AeroGarden Sprout LED

Dimensions: 5″ W x 11″ D x 10.5″-15.5″ H

Number of Plants: 3Pods

Grow Light: 10W LED Full Spectrum (20000 hour rating)

Grow Height: Extends 10″

Control Panel: Push Button, Automated Grow Lights, Nutrient Reminders and Water Level View Window

Finish: High Gloss Plastic

Garden & LED Grow Light Warranty: 1 year

Seed Kit Warranty: Germination Guaranteed

The AeroGarden Sprout LED is a small 3-pod garden, meaning that there are 3 holes on the lid to grow up to 3 plants at a time. You can certainly grow 1 or 2 plants per cycle, but most people utilize all 3 pods to maximize overall yield.  Like other AeroGardens, you can grow nearly any crop in a Sprout LED.

The unit measures 5” W x 11’ D x 10.5” (or 15.5” H the light hood is extended) and has a high gloss plastic finish. Because of its small profile, the Sprout LED model won’t take up much counter space yet will provide plenty of fresh herbs and veggies within an arm’s reach from the kitchen.

This particular Miracle-Gro Sprout comes with a high-performance, energy-efficient 10W LED grow light. It has an excellent 20,000-hour rating and can be extended to 10’ of growing height. The system features a push button control panel to automate the grow lights (program the light to turn/off at specific times) and alerts you when water and nutrients should be added to the reservoir.  A 3-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit is included with the AeroGarden Sprout LED kit (Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill seeds, grow media, grow baskets, humidity domes, and 3 oz. patented nutrients). Everything you need to start growing right out of the box. Just set it up, add water, and start growing!

Setting up the AeroGarden Sprout LED

Setting up your AeroGarden Sprout is a breeze. No tools are required and it can be assembled in just minutes. To begin with, insert the seed pods into the holes on the lid and snap the humidity domes onto each growing basket. Next, add pH-neutral water to the reservoir and mix in the fertilizer as per the instructions.  Then just follow the directions on the control panel to set your germination mode and automate the grow lights to turn on/ off.

Keep the grow light height as low to the plants as possible during germination.  This will ensure that seedlings receive plenty of photosynthesis to sprout. Most seeds germinate within a week or two. Once the tips of each plant reach the top of the plastic humidity domes, remove the domes so that the seedlings may grow in the open air and under direct light.

As plants mature, keep the grow light just a few inches away from the top height of the vegetation so that plants receive the full spectrum of light as they develop. For the most part, the grow light and pump do all the work for you. Just remember to add water and nutrients as directed by the control panel. It’s really that easy!

Aerogarden Sprout LED Results

You will be amazed at how fast your herbs grow in an AeroGarden Sprout LED. Within a few short weeks, you can begin to harvest your fresh herbs to add to your favorite culinary dishes. Remember to keep each plant trimmed so that all vegetation stays illuminated under the grow light.  A plant can remain growing in an AeroGarden for up to 6 months. Once you have completed your final harvest and are ready to start a new crop,  remove all root debris and wash your reservoir. A bleach-based cleaning solution works well, but just be careful to thoroughly rinse all chemicals from your AeroGarden before refilling with water. 

What to grow your own seeds in an AeroGarden? Try the AeroGarden Grow Anything Seed Pot Kit. Grow media, grow baskets, humidity domes, and fertilizer are included with each kit. You simply add a seed of your choice to the pod and begin growing it as you would with a regular AeroGarden Seed Pod Kit.

AeroGarden Sprout LED – The Bottom Line

The AeroGarden Spout LED is a small, tabletop, budget-friendly hydroponics system. It comes with a high-quality and energy efficient LED light – much better than the CFL lights of the basic Sprout model. Having the ability to grow 3 plants at once will produce lots of fresh herbs and veggies. However, the Sprout may be too small if you are feeding the entire family.

All in all, this a perfect little indoor garden for people who just want a small and efficient way to grow their own fresh herbs or salad greens in the convenience of their home, as well as for those who want to try soil-less hydroponic gardening for the first time.  With an AeroGarden Sprout LED, you won’t have to commit much time, space, or money to the hobby. Plus, you can always upgrade to a higher yielding AeroGarden if you want to increase your output. Give the Sprout LED a try!

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