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Grow Cabinets – The 7 Best Stealth Grow Boxes for Marijuana

Hydroponic growers often struggle with providing uniform and ideal conditions to their plants. Indoor marijuana growers are dually challenged because they also worry about odor control and keeping their cannabis plants hidden. Fortunately, Grow Cabinets provide a simple solution to these common problems.   Often referred to as Grow Boxes, Stealth Cabinets, Grow Lockers, and Marijuana Cabinets, these self-contained growing environments mimic everything a gardener needs to cultivate healthy plants. They allow for the complete customization of the growing conditions inside the cabinets and are adjustable to suit the specific needs of a plant throughout the entire growing cycle.

Using a grow cabinet for cultivating cannabis is especially useful. This is because of their stealthy, inconspicuous design, locking features, and ability to eliminate odors. Lighting is provided for inside grow boxes, and seedlings, clones, and mature plants all benefit from the efficiencies of these compact and stable environments.

Let’s take a closer look a the benefits of using a grow box for growing weed,  and then review the 7 top rated and best grow cabinets that you can buy.

Top 7 Advantages to Using a Grow Cabinet

  • Complete – Grow Cabinets come complete will fans and filters for ventilation and air quality, grow lights and reflective interiors for superior lighting during all cycles of growth and locking capabilities for added protection (especially helpful to cannabis growers). Most grow boxes also include other components, such as pumps, timers, nutrients, pH adjusters, and grow media.
  • Adaptable – Gardeners can adjust the conditions within their grow cabinets, including the lighting, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and watering schedule. These enclosed grow boxes allow the gardener to produce the highest quality indoor crops possible because the grower is in total control of deciding and implementing the best growing environment. Seedlings, clones, and mature plants can be effectively grown inside grow lockers, as well as hydroponic or soil crops (such as cannabis, herbs, vegetables, and more).
  • Compact –While grow tents are often used by marijuana gardeners and other indoor growers to create ideal conditions for plants, these have a bulkier composition and take up more space than their smaller grow cabinet cousins. Most grow cabinets are narrow and stand only a few feet tall, making them incredibly space-saving and adaptable to any indoor setting. Grow cabinets are small enough to be used in an apartment, bedroom, closets, basement, garage, hallway, or elsewhere. Plus, most are lightweight, transportable, and easy to set up.
  • Discreet – Another advantage over grow tents – especially for cannabis growers – is the inconspicuous nature of grow cabinets. Their appearance resembles a dorm refrigerator, file cabinet, safe box, or storage locker. Most stealth grow cabinets require a key, padlock, or personalized code to open, providing an added layer of protection. It is no coincidence, then, that marijuana growers feel especially secure growing their weed inside a grow cabinet.
  • Odor Control – As you may know, marijuana has a distinctive and pungent odor. Vegetables and herbs – much less so. Therefore, cannabis cultivators will especially appreciate the odor-eliminating features of grow cabinets. Carbon (charcoal) filters are used to thwart the smell of weed so your living space remains odor-free and your marijuana growing remains secretive and nearly undetectable.
  • Effective – Providing ideal conditions means that grow cabinets can produce the highest yielding and best quality crops. There is less monitoring and maintenance required because all the components inside a grow box are automated to do the work for you. And indoor gardening means that crops can grow year-round and at an arm’s length away. Grow cabinets also provide protection against bugs and other pests.
  • Economical – Don’t be alarmed by some of the high price tags. As we mentioned before, grow cabinets come complete with all the components you need to start growing (including grow lights, filter, fans, pumps, and grow media). Therefore, you don’t need to purchase these items separately. Plus, grow cabinets will provide years of continuous harvests. So an investment in a grow cabinet is a wise and economical investment in the long run.

Top 7 Grow Cabinets for Growing Marijuana

Here are 7 of the highest-rated, most popular, and top-selling grow cabinets for marijuana and other hydroponic (or soil) crops. These options are arranged from least expensive to most expensive.

Brand/Product Important Features Size


Cash Crop 5.0

• Dealzer is a popular brand with indoor marijuana growers

• Includes LED grow light and Mylar reflective interior

• Carbon filter and fans control cannabis odors and provide ventilation

27.75" x 16.5" x 11.25"

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Yield Machine Max

• 9 plants sites for growing

• 4 feet tall means you can grow bigger plants

• Kit includes all necessary components

48” x 18” x 13.5”

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Grandma's Secret Garden 3.0

• Allow you to grow up to 9 plants

• Lifetime warranty and tech support

• Comes will grow bulbs, flowering bulbs, pump, timer, filter, fans, nutrients, and more!

36" x 20" x 16.5"

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• Sleek design and quality construction

• Grows up to 10 plants in a compact space

• Includes the SuperPonics Hydro System

30” x 18” x 24”

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SuperLocker 3.0

• Includes top of the line lighting and fans

• Overhead cloning chamber

• This super high yield grow cabinet is perfect for continually growing lots of weed

66” x 15” x 24”

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Grow Box USA

The Silverback Grow Box

• Huge 6.5’ x 4’ grow cabinet

• Fully automated – grower can leave unattended for up to 2 weeks

• Highest quality, and hand-crafted in the USA

•100% odor control makes this a great marijuana grow box

78” x 48” x 24”

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The Cloudponics GroBox

• State of the Art and App Controlled and Monitored

• Discreet - odor and locking protection

• Includes Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light, fans, sensors, and other components

• Can be left unmonitored for up to 3 weeks

66” x 28” x 28”

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Detailed Descriptions of the Best Marijuana Grow Cabinets

Cash Crop 5.0 LED Grow Box

by Dealzer

27.75″ x 16.5″ x 11.25″

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The Cash Crop 5.0 LED grow box is one of the most popular indoor grow cabinet on the market. This model – from Dealzer – is available in two sizes: two feet tall or three feet tall. The kit is discreetly shipped and comes complete with everything you needed to start growing – right out of the box.

The Cash Crop 5.0 LED Grow Box supports cannabis (or other hydroponic plants) throughout the entire growing cycle – from seed to harvest. The cabinet is made of durable steel and features locking capabilities. An LED light is included, suitable for both vegetative and bloom cycles. The interior is lined with Mylar reflective sheeting for maximum light exposure.

The carbon-protected intake and exhaust system provides ventilation and odor control. The kit also includes pH-adjusting nutrients, 6-site grow tray, dual outlet auto-timer, six 2” net pots, six plant starter plugs, 40 GPH submersible water pump, and a 1.5-gallon reservoir.

The manufacturer provides instructions and email/phone tech support for added comfort. Overall, the Cash Crop 5.0 is great for both novices and expert growers and is one of the most popular cannabis grow cabinets on the market.

Pros :

  • One of the most popular grow cabinets for growing marijuana
  • Available in two sizes:  2’ or 3’ tall
  • Kit includes everything you need to start growing
  • Odor control and locking features
  • Comes with instructions and support, lifetime warranty, and is manufactured in the USA

Cons :

  • Designed to grow 6 plants only
  • Operates with more noise than some other options

Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

by Unique-Hydroponics

48” x 18” x 13.5”

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The Yield Machine Max Grow Box is Unique-Hydroponics’ most advanced and highest-yielding model on the market. At 4-feet tall, this indoor grow cabinet stands taller than many other options. It is designed to maximize the harvesting height of cannabis and supports plants during each cycle – from seed to harvest. Despite all of the capabilities of the Yield Machine Max, the cost is still very reasonable.

The Yield Machine Max comes equipped with a 9-site grow tray, 20 Qt. Deep Water Culture hydroponic system, 150-watt UFO LED grow light and hardware, 3-part General Hydroponics Flora nutrients (16 oz. bottles), two large intake and exhaust fans with carbon filtration, pump, tubing, bubbler, net pots, and grow cubes. Unique Hydroponics has made the Yield Machine air-tight, light tight, and secure. All of these features make this model a great option for marijuana growers.

Pros :

  • 4 feet tall for maximum yield
  • 9 planting spots allow you to grow more marijuana
  • Kit includes LED light, fans, filters, pump, Flora nutrients, and more

Cons :

  • As a stealth marijuana grow cabinet, padlock needs to be purchased separately
  • Grow cubes are included but other grow media (if desired) is not
  • The larger 4 feet vertical height may be taller than some want

Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Hydroponics Grow Box

by Dealzer

36″ x 20″ x 16.5″

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Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 Hydroponic Grow Box is another popular and fully automated grow cabinet by Dealzer. While their Cash Crop 5.0 model is designed to grow six plants, Grandma’s Secret Garden is capable of growing nine. The high yielding and odor controlling capabilities – as well as the stealth shipping and lockable latches -make this a popular marijuana cabinet for cannabis growers. And standing at 3 feet tall, this model is large enough to cultivate harvest-sized weed yet small enough to fit comfortably inside any indoor location.

Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 comes complete with a powerful and adjustable lighting system, 6500k grow bulbs, 2700k flowering bulbs, a 2-year supply of Moon Dust grow and flower nutrients, 9 net pots, and 9 starter plugs. Also included are an air pump and bubbler for the reservoir, timer, powerful odor eliminating carbon filtration, and intake/outtake fans.  The lifetime warranty and tech support add a degree of comfort to any Dealzer purchase.

Pros :

  • Compact size yet still allows for 9 plants
  • Comes with fans, filters, lighting, nutrients, and net pots
  • Lifetime warranty and tech support
  • Eliminates smell of marijuana and shipped in discreet packaging

Cons :

  • 9 starter plugs included but additional hydroponic growing media are not
  • Fans can be loud

SuperBox Fully Automated Growbox

by SuperCloset

30″ x 18″ x 24″

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The SuperBox – by SuperCloset –is a fully automated grow cabinet, capable of cultivating up to 10 plants within a compact 30”x18”x24 area. It is a perfect grow box for stealthy and high yielding cannabis growing. The Superbox features a sleek design (similar to a file cabinet) and is fireproof, lock-proof, and constructed with 16-gauge steel.

The SuperBox kit includes everything you need to start growing within 90 minutes of receiving the package. A 200-watt red spectrum CFL light is included, as are fans, filters, nutrients, TDS meter, and grow media (rockwool cubes and hydroton clay pebbles). The SuperPonics Hydro System allows for top Drip Feed or Deep Water Culture methods of growing your marijuana (or other hydroponic plants). The odor is controlled with internal carbon filtration, and fans are installed for excellent airflow and ventilation.

A Technaflora starter kit is included, as are growing instructions and feeding schedules.

Pros :

  • High quality, fully automated grow cabinet capable of growing 10 plants
  • Locking protection and odor control make this a superior marijuana grow box
  • SuperPonics Hydro System allows for Drip or DWC hydroponic growing
  • Kit includes 200 watts grow light, nutrients, grow media and more

Cons :

  • 200-watt CFL light is red spectrum only (the standard size socket allows you to replace the bulb if desired)
  • Compact size may not be tall enough for some indoor gardeners

SuperLocker 3.0 Hydroponic Grow Box System

by SuperCloset

66” x 15” x 24”

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SuperCloset’s Superlocker Hydroponic Grow Box System is the ultimate grow cabinet set up. It is constructed of 16-gauge steel and is airtight, light tight, secure, fireproof, and lockable.  Not only does this high-end model come equipped with a K3, 300-watt-equivalent, 12-band “perfect spectrum” LED grow light, but the sides of the SuperLocker are lined with 20-watt T5 supplemental lighting as well.  

The oversized 66” x 15” x 24” dimensions allow for one to eight plants (up to 3 ft tall). The separate, overhead rotational, vegetation chamber is capable of propagating 10 clones at a time. This model is fully automated and designed for high output and continual rotation. It can simultaneously cultivate seedlings, clones, vegetative and blooming hydroponic marijuana. This a powerhouse of a grow cabinet!

Internal fans and filters create a superior environment for air flow and odor elimination. It’s no surprise why this is a favorite grow box for indoor marijuana gardeners. The fully automated SuperLocker kit includes an internal net trellis, supply of nutrients, pH kit, TDS testers, grow media (rockwool and clay pebbles), as well as all the 8-plant SuperPonics hydroponics system, LED lighting and T-5 light.

SuperCloset provides a 3-year warranty and unlimited tech support. This model is not cheap, but we think the SuperLocker is worth the investment.

Pros :

  • Top of the line LED grow light for cannabis and supplemental T5 side lighting
  • High yielding marijuana grow – able to grow clones and seedlings in the overhead propagating chamber while larger plants grow underneath
  • Kit includes all the necessary equipment to vent, deodorize and start your clones and seedlings
  • The 3-year warranty gives added protection to the consumer

Cons :

  • More expensive than most other options
  • The SuperLocker looks like a file cabinet, but – at over 5 feet tall – is not easily hidden

The Silverback Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

by Grow Box USA

78” x 48” x 24”

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The Silverback is a large and mighty stealth hydroponic grow cabinet. Measuring 6.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, Grow Box USA has created a monster marijuana growing box which is capable of producing high yields of cannabis, fruits, vegetables, or any other hydroponic or soil-grown plants you can think of. The handcrafted, patent-pending system is made in the USA and features ample room for plants to grow, flower, and fruit to full maturity. Also included is a propagation chamber for clones and seedlings.

This fully automated grow cabinet uses a Deep Water Culture (DWC) and a Drip Feed system, as well as the patented Zero Maintenance water cooler. Powerful 405-watt, 9-way, 3-watt diodes LED grow lighting illuminates the interior during their various growing cycles. CO2, watering, and automatic pH
adjusters allow you to leave The Silverback unattended for up to two weeks. This system is a real workhorse!

Grow Box USA has designed The Silverback as a turn-key system. Cannabis growers will appreciate patent-pending Air Scrubbers, which ensures 100% odor control. The Silverback is airtight and there are no light leaks. Intake and exhaust fans run quietly, and the 16-gauge welded steel frame ensures that the system is built to last. Grow plugs are also included.

While The Silverback is expensive, the quality, craftsmanship, and features make this grow cabinet a top consideration for indoor weed gardeners – or other hydroponics hobbyists – who will settle for nothing but the very best.

Pros :

  • An automated powerhouse of a grow cabinet
  • 100% odor control and locking features make for a great stealth marijuana grow box
  • Top of the line LED lighting included, as are all other components to grow right out of the box
  • Propagation chamber included

Cons :

  • This is 6.5’ x 4’, so it’s not easy to conceal in a room or closet
  • Considerably more expensive than many of the other grow cabinets listed here, plus shipping costs are not included

CloudPonics GroBox – Fully Automated

by CloudPonics

28″ x 28″ x 66″

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  • LED Grow Light: Black Dog Phytomax 200 
  • Carbon filter/odor removal
  • EC & pH sensors
  • Humidity & Grow Light sensors
  • Extraction fan
  • Light & humidity sensors
  • Water & air temperature sensors
  • Aeroponic grow chamber (6 plant sites)
  • Netcups (6)
  • Water reservoir & pump
  • Aeroponic irrigation pump
  • Reservoir for nutrients
  • Circulation fan
  • pH + & – dosing
  • App for IPhone and Android
  • Door Lock (automated)
  • Ships Fully Assembled!

Welcome to the future of growing! The Cloudponics GroBox is cutting edge, efficient, and takes carefree indoor gardening to the next level. You simply select the plant or stain you wish to grow and the grow cabinet will do the rest  – from seed all the way to harvest. Use the app for guidance and the crowd-sourced database of plant growing recipes will enable you to give your plants what they need when they need it.

Cloudponics customizes each order to your specs (construction takes 30 days). Once your system has arrived – and you have customized the settings and added your seeds –  just sit back and let this amazing machine do the rest. You will be able to monitor every step of the progress from your smart device via the Cloudponics app.  In other words, there is no need to change your vacation plans because you can leave the GroBox unattended for 2 to 3 weeks as you monitor the plants remotely using the Cloudponics™ Remote app. How is this possible? The CloudPonics GroBox has a giant water reservoir with the ability to keep your plants feed for long periods of time without the need to refill it until 2 or 3 weeks. There are also smart sensors to monitor the status of your grows. The app allows you to control your system from anywhere and sends reminders when to refill the reservoir. You can also track the nutrient levels, pH, and temperature level, and control the LED grow light (included) from afar. This is an amazing grow cabinet, to say the least!

If you are growing cannabis, you won’t have to worry about funky odors in your indoor living space because the built-in carbon filters keep odors in check. 


Other CloudPonics GroBox Features:

  • Maintains pH levels and monitors air temperature, humidity, and light
  • Allows you to switch to drying mode at the end of the growth cycle
  • Built-in speakers to pipe in music to your plants (yes, really)
  • Ability to share progress on social media
  • No need to buy a grow light separately because a top notch Black Dog LED PhytoMAX light is included

Pros :

  • Fully automated in every way
  • Odor control, locking features for discreet growing 
  • LED lighting included, as are all the components you need
  • Comes assembled and ready to use

Cons :

  • Pricey and shipping is extra

Thanks for reading our Best Grow Cabinets article! If these weed grow boxes aren’t exactly what you are looking for, feel free to browse our Marijuana Growing SuppliesGrow Tent Kits and Hydroponics System articles to find more idea. Best of luck with your grow!

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