Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light Review

The PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum Series of LED Grow Lights

It’s no secret that LED grow lights are the real deal—they are more cost-efficient and have a longer lifespan. When it comes to finding the best LED grow light on the market, PlatinumLED Grow Lights has been hard at work to deliver a reliable and consistently productive grow light. We’re going to take you through a series of features and discuss why PlatinumLED may have found the perfect formula when it comes to powerful LED grow lights. So with that said, here is our PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum LED grow light review. 

PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum Series

LED Grow Lights (P300)

4.5 drop rating

uPONICS Rating

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Image result for green checkmark  Platinum LED lights boast the highest PAR/Lumen output per watt available
Image result for green checkmark  Complete and efficient full spectrum – 12-band from depths of UV to heights of IR
Image result for green checkmark  Selectable VEG/FLOWER switches
Image result for green checkmark  2x speed whisper fans + upgraded aluminum heat sinks
Image result for green checkmark  5 yr warranty plus 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee


Image result for red x mark  The coverage area may be smaller than advertised
Image result for red x mark  White hot spots can be a problem if light it too close to plants

Benefits of LED Grow Lights

LEDs are quickly becoming a favorite among indoor growers because of the lights’ ability to modify brightness levels according to the stage of plant growth. They can also stabilize temperatures, which can ultimately enhance the photosynthesis process.

Some other huge payoffs from using LED include:

  • Longer life
  • Big energy savings
  • More possibilities and flexibility
  • Less heat
  • Targeted wavelengths

PlatinumLED has brought us a conversation worthy product with their Advanced Platinum Series P300. Read on to see more of this grow light’s features and why we think it’s one of the best on the market.

Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Overview

PlatinumLED has called this model their “next generation grow light” as it has consistently been called one of the most powerful on the market. A great alternative for smaller grows – or those who don’t have the budget to get the newer Advanced Platinum Series P600 – is the P300 model which provides many of the same features.

Perfect for indoor growers due to its advanced components and a more reasonable price. Considering a low price tag, you wouldn’t expect such power.  However, PlatinumLED came through with this unit. With the Advanced Platinum Series LED you can successfully run a closet or mid-range application. Let’s take a look at the specs:


HID Replacement: 400w HPS
LED Quantity: 100 x 3w
Lifespan: 50,000-100,000 hrs
Spectrum: 12-Band LED (IR + UV)
Secondary LED Focusing Lens: 90° 
Voltage: AC85 – 260V
Bloom Power: 180 watts
Veg Power: 93 watts
Amperage (Veg and Bloom): 1.6 @ 110V / 0.8 @ 220V
Amperage (Veg Switch Only): 0.8 @ 110V/ 0.4A @ 220V
Warranty: 5 Yr Complete Warranty, 90-day money back and returts

PlatinumLED Advanced Platinum Grow Light (P300)

Width: 9″/23 cm
Length: 19″/48 cm
Height: 3″/8 cm
Weight: 13 lbs/6 kg
Max Coverage at 18” Height: 4.5’ x 3.8’
Core Coverage at 18” Height: 3’ x 2’

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Special 12-Band Spectrum

One of our favorite aspects of the Advanced Platinum Series LED grow light is the 12-band full spectrum that goes from the depths of UV to the heights of IR which will provide your plants with the nutritional value they need for strong and proper growth.

PlatinumLED took advantage of combining 12 different bands for a more complete light spectrum; giving us the freedom and flexibility to give our plants just what they need.

The improved spectral output paired with the integrated 90° secondary focusing lenses – which reach deep into the canopy – has been a consistent favorite among users.

Additionally, this unit offers dual light spectrum which truly gives us the best of both worlds for vegetative growth as well as the flowering stage. The VEG setting only needs 93 watts to put out healthy and efficient lighting for vegetative growth in a 4.5’x3.8′ area. With the flip of a switch, you can boost the light to a full 180 watt capacity and adjust the output to support strong flowering—all in the same space!


The Advanced Platinum Series LED presents growers with a solution to many problems often associated with traditional light sources (e.g. outrageous electricity bills, overheating, and even noise control or lack thereof). Whisper fans solve this problem and aluminum coated heat sinks give the grower full control over heat management. Another feature is the clearly marked VEG/FLOWER light switch for new growers or those with less experience toying with multiple bands.

The lamps house replaceable chips, partially one of the reasons for the higher price tag, meaning you never have to close shop. If one goes out you can just order another from the manufacturer.

90° Secondary Focusing Lens

To fully appreciate this asset we’ll have to get a little technical, so bear with us. Many of the newer LED grow lights have two grades of optics: primary and secondary. The primary optic functions to shape and protect the output of small diodes which often times can still lack intensity over distance. In an effort for a more balanced LED a secondary optic was created.

Secondary optics are anything like lenses or reflectors; which is where this Advanced Platinum LED grow light’s feature comes into play. This particular unit houses a 90° secondary focusing lens which collects light and directs it towards the target—in our case the plants.

An optic-less diode would emit light in a wide-ranging 180° pattern so there would be wasted light as it would focus on the spaces between fixtures and plants rather than directing 100% down, towards the plant. With this unit, there’s no wasted light and you have the ability for tighter control meaning your plants are receiving 100% usable light energy.

PAR Value of the Advanced Platinum Series LED

When we measure a grow light’s photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) we can get a pretty good look into an LED’s capability. It’s not necessarily a measurement of light, but rather a description of the type of light that plants absorb for photosynthesis.

In the end wattage draw doesn’t control a plant’s growing power, it’s the PAR that really counts here. With this grow light you can count on a strong PAR output—around 2-3 times the intensity of other grow lights.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although many of the features are great there are still a few cons you should be aware of if you’re considering purchasing this unit. For us, the focused lenses are a double-edged sword—while they offer 100% usable light they can also encourage premature growth. Additionally the strong lights could potentially burn up your veggies or flowers if placed too close; for this reason, we recommend starting 24 inches from the top of the plants and then gradually reduce as the plants adapt.

Another thing to keep an eye on is it could be on the pricier end for many new growers if your budget is tight you may want to shop around a bit more and compare other units. Finally, we think the coverage is a bit small, while you can use multiple units that’s not always the most desirable approach.

What Sets Them Apart: Customer Service

PlatinumLED isn’t just offering us a reliable product, they’re also offering excellent customer service. With a 5 year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee they are unmatched by other industry favorites. In addition, they are a proud American owned family business with headquarters in the U.S. as well as technical, sales, or customer support available by phone or messaging, 7 days a week.

Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light Review: The Bottom Line

A great choice if you’re a small to mid-size grower with a more flexible budget. You have the ability to use multiple P300 units and can enjoy full control of heat management. If the price is the only thing holding you back consider it an investment as the many features from the P300 will likely be worth it. The Advanced Platinum Series unit will give your plants all the right lights for a successful grow.

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